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Popular & Custom Made Accessories for 2.5 Ton Rockwell Axles...  Scroll down the list and click to enlarge pictures.   Don't see the part you're looking for?  Call us at 561-792-3133, we'll be glad to help you...




Complete 2.5 ton Rockwell Axles                                 (Front & Rear)

Axle Joint                                                                       (Greasable)


Bearings & Seals


Seal kit                          (Contains 2 of each except Axle Nut Keeper)

Axle Nut

Axle Nut Keeper

Outer Wheel Seal
Inner Wheel Seal
Inner Axle Seal
Pinion Seal
Pinion Yoke w/ Dust Cover
Pinion yoke dust cover
Inner Axle Seal & Retainer
Outer Wheel Bearing
Outer Wheel Bearing Race
Outer Wheel Bearing & Race
Inner Wheel Bearing
Inner Wheel Bearing Race
Inner Wheel Bearing & Race
Front End Kit                  (Contains 2 of each except Axle Nut Keeper)
Pro-fab Seal




Zipper Boot


Steering Components


1Piece C+C Machined 1"
Left & Right Tie Rod Ends
Top Kingpin Bushing Assembly
Bottom Kingpin Bushing Assembly


Studs & Nuts


1Wheel Kit                                                                   (Right Hand)
Right Hand Stud
Right Hand Nut
Chrome Lug Nut Cover

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2.5 Ton Rockwell Accessories